Donald A. Burns Foundation Makes 2 Wishes Come True

Donald A. Burns Foundation Makes 2 Wishes Come True

Julian, 4, Congenital disorder

“I wish to go to Rome to visit my family” Julian has never met any of his family members who live in Rome, including his cousins, grandparents and aunts. His wish was the perfect opportunity to finally meet his loved ones and visit the historic city. As soon as he arrived in Rome, he was treated like a little king. Julian was royalty and got to do just about anything his heart desired. It was a wonderful, heartwarming visit for him and his family. Thank you for making his wish possible!

Dasani, 15, Brain Cancer

“I Wish to go to Mall of America” Dasani loves to shop and has pretty much gone to all the malls in South Florida. She decided to wish big by visiting the largest mall in the country – the Mall of America. She was totally in awe of the size of the place. Dasani said it was like a world of stores, amusement parks, restaurants and everything else that makes her happy all in one place. She had a ball and will remember this wish come true forever.

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