Donald A. Burns Foundation Supports the Nantucket Atheneum

Donald A. Burns Foundation Supports the Nantucket Atheneum

AtheneumLogoVertGrayBlueHiResNewTrademark1The Donald A. Burns Foundation has provided longtime support to the Nantucket Atheneum, a public library and cultural center on Nantucket Island. Over the last 14 years, the foundation has served as a lead sponsor for eight of the Atheneum’s annual Cold Turkey Plunge fundraising events, with donations ranging from $5,000 to $10,000. The foundation’s sponsorship of the event has allowed the Atheneum to host more than 500 free community programs and other vital services at its Weezie Library for Children.

This year’s Cold Turkey Plunge will take place on Thanksgiving, November 24th. As the date approaches, here’s what you need to know about this unique island community event:

It involves a day of fun in the cold.

The 2016 Cold Turkey Plunge is anticipating a crowd of 1,000 participants, who will gather early on Thanksgiving morning for a day of fun activities in the chilly weather. Those courageous (or crazy) enough to enter the icy cold waters at Children’s Beach will go for a swim, while spectators cheer them on. Swimmers can participate on their own or as part of teams, and are encouraged to ask friends, family members, and co-workers to sponsor them for the benefit of the Atheneum.

At the event, local businesses will be on hand to give out free coffee, baked goods, and hot chocolate. Turkey Plunge participants also receive a 15th anniversary commemorative item—and bragging rights, of course.

It benefits the Nantucket Atheneum’s Weezie Library for Children.

The Atheneum
The Atheneum | Image courtesy Doug Butchy | Flickr

Sponsors of the Turkey Plunge, like the Donald A. Burns Foundation, provide much-needed funds to maintain the Atheneum’s Weezie Library for Children. Established in 1996 through funding from the Weezie Foundation, this children’s library provides Nantucket’s youngest residents with a wealth of books and media, from picture books for infants and toddlers, to young reader chapter books. Surrounded by beautiful original paintings and furniture designed by a local artist, children and their parents can read stories, watch DVDs, or listen to audiobooks and CDs.

Throughout the year, the Weezie Library for Children also hosts more than 500 complimentary community programs, thanks to supporters of the Cold Turkey Plunge and the library’s other fundraising events. These programs include story time hours, music and craft activities, and visitors from authors, illustrators, and performers.

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