Donald A. Burns Foundation Supports Town of Palm Beach United Way

Donald A. Burns Foundation Supports Town of Palm Beach United Way

The generosity of the Donald A. Burns Foundation helps so many people in need throughout our community reach their full potential by providing greater access to education, jobs, and human services.

united way logoThe Town of Palm Beach United Way is committed to improving lives and building strong communities in Palm Beach County. Through philanthropy, collective leadership, and superb volunteers, they are transforming the lives of those in need and rewriting the future of Palm Beach County for generations to come.

The Town of Palm Beach United Way’s unique value lies in their ability to efficiently leverage the collective resources of local individuals, corporations, nonprofits, and government to focus on the critical education, income, and health challenges facing our very own community, in order to build a stronger, healthier, more vibrant community.

Together, we are possibility. Possibility is created one act at a time. It’s helping a homeless individual find a hot meal, helping the elderly stay lively, and providing a place for children to be children. Possibility is the result of unwavering support of people choosing to help, to care, and to give. Behind every changed life is someone who made it happen.

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